• Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Customer Service at its best!!!

    For my recent purchase, I decided to go with a mortgage broker rather than going to bank. Greg Henry of Mortgage Alliance serviced me and I have to say, it's the best experience I've had dealing with mortgages! Greg is very knowledgeable and he did a good job explaining my options to me. Thanks to Greg, I was able to make an informed decision.

    Akin A.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    High quality service, very professional

    Greg gives great service all the way through the whole process. He is always helpful and informative. When I had reservations about certain things he was always able to reassure me with facts and allowed me to make my own decisions. He is awesome at what he does!

    Charlene S.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Very professional and polite service
    Greg And his staff provided me with professional quality service in seeking a mortgage. They were on top of my case from beginning to closing the deal. They ensured everything went as smoothly as possible, and for that I'm extremely happy! Thank you from the Miller's
    Nef M.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    I would like to say that I am pleased for the way that Mortgage Alliance help me out in such a short time. Greg was very good in communicating and explaining important information and to see that I have achieving my needs.
    Charles F.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Perfect: keep up the good work Greg!
    Maurice D.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Professional, friendly and helpful.

    Greg is very knowledgeable about his work. He's very friendly, kind, helpful and professional. My family and will not go to another mortgage company to get a mortgage. Greg knows how to get the job done. 10 stars!!!!

    Glenford S.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Professional, friendly, honest and trust worldly

    He takes his time to sit down, and explained everything for you , to make sure you have the best knowledge of what he is doing for you. Thanks to Mr. Greg Henry for helping me, Sedeke Nesbeth. He is also a good men to work with, I'll ask anyone who need help to get a mortgage or loan, should come and see Mr. Greg Henry.

    Sedeke N.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Greg Henry, is highly recommended to do his job. Very helpful ,and great to do a job well done to help my Mortgage. For sure I will recommend to my friends and my family. Thanks.
    Alicia M.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    High quality service and professionalism

    I had a great experience working with Greg Henry he was very professional courteous and always on time he helped us understand what will and will not work for us and he helped us make the best decisions my husband and myself are absolutely happy with our home and we want to thank Mr Henry for his exceptional work.

    Nichole S.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Fast and quality work/great experience
    Greg is great to work with and he delivered within a short time frame. I would recommend him over and over again. Thanks for helping with our first home.
    Ibi F.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Mortgage Alliance is a very relaible and trustworthy company. We have been a client of theirs for over 6 years and I have never regretted it. Friendly and polite staff, very time efficient and thorough. This company helped me to get a great mortgage rate for my family's first house and they were there again to get an awesome rate for the second house. We have been very happy and please with their service and will gladly reccomend their services to family, friends and future clients.
    A G.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Professional and friendly.
    Job was done but beyond the time. The timing need to be improve and then I could say 100%. Yes' I recommend other customers and hope they will meet their goal.
    Rae C.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Professional and friendly

    very helpful

    Joseph W.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Mortage alliance
    I would like to thank Mortage alliance for everything they done . Exspeacially Greg Henry, for his determination and on going effer to making this happene. Take the time step by step . Because it was my first buy, he understood that and explained exactly step by step t what was going to happen nexted . Thank you for being professional. It's hard to find a great company that you can trust . Mortage alliance " a company that you can trust ".
    Fabio C.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Friendly and easy to talk to professional
    Greg was very easy to talk to. I felt comfortable asking questions. He is very easy going and willing to offer as much help as needed. Extra points for communication and very reachable and prompt with returning calls.
    Phidona B.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    When were looking to buy our first home we went to mortgage alliance.Greg help us to obtain a mortgage which was very satisfying,at times we becoming doubtful but he reassure everything will be ok.
    Lawn F.
  • Mortgage Refinance Toronto
    Professional, efficient, knowledgeable - Excellent Customer Service!

    I have had a positive experience with Mortgage Alliance. My mortgage Agent, Greg Henry, was absolutely fantastic! He explained the process and certain terns that made it very easy for me to understand. He secured a low mortgage rate; he provided timely updates to keep me informed of how things were moving. It was a pleasure doing business with Greg, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is seeking an agent who knows his work and will do his very best to ensure that you receive the highest quality service and result!

    Sherry M.